Ronith Varatharaj

Ronith Varatharaj

Best Hotels In Porto Alegre, Brazil (2023)

The state capital of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil is Porto Alegre. With a population of more than 1.4 million, Porto Alegre is a thriving metropolis renowned for its diverse

Best Hotels In Medellin, Colombia (2023)

Among Colombia's Andes Mountains, in the Aburr√° Valley, is the lovely city of Medellin. The city is renowned for its welcoming residents, comfortable temperature, and vibrant culture. One of the biggest

Best Hotels In Easter Island, Chile (2023)

One of the most remote places on Earth, Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is situated 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The

Best Hotels In Augusta, Georgia (2023)

Augusta, which is in Georgia's eastern central area, is a picturesque city with a colourful past and present. In addition to being the site of the famed Masters Golf Tournament, Augusta

Best Hotels In Savannah, Georgia (2023)

The southern region of the United States includes the lovely city of Savannah, Georgia. It is renowned for its historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and lovely parks. Savannah offers a thriving arts scene, top-notch