Best Castle Hotels In Austria (2023)

Best Castle Hotels In Austria (2023)

Austria is a lovely nation in the center of Europe that is well-known for its magnificent alpine beauty, voluminous culture, and rich architectural history. Austria provides a wide variety of beautiful and comfortable lodging alternatives, from opulent palaces to warm mountain huts. Austria has accommodations for every budget, whether you're looking for a beachfront resort, a castle hotel, or a guesthouse.

Moderately-Priced Hotels:

A list of the best Mid-Range hotels to stay at when visiting Austria.

Burg Lockenhaus

In Burgenland is a great choice for travelers looking for inexpensive castle hotels in Austria. A modest spa, a restaurant serving traditional Austrian cuisine, and pleasant rooms have been added to this lovely hotel that was formerly a medieval castle. The nightly rate is $140 on average.

Schloss Ernegg

In Lower Austria is another well-regarded and reasonably priced castle hotel in Austria. This 4-star castle hotel has a restaurant serving fine dining, a tennis court, and a small spa. It is surrounded by lovely grounds. The nightly rate is $165 on average.

Schlosspark Mauerbach

Consider Schlosspark Mauerbach in Lower Austria for a more contemporary take on a castle hotel in Austria. This four-star castle hotel has modern, elegant rooms, a restaurant that serves seasonal fare, and a lavish spa. The nightly rate is $180 on average.

Luxury Lodging:

The top all-inclusive luxury hotels that Salento, Colombia has to offer are those listed under luxury accommodations.

Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa

There are many choices available in Austria when it comes to castle hotels. Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa, located in Salzburg, is one of the top castle hotels in Austria. A peninsula with a view of Lake Fuschl and the gorgeous Austrian Mountains surrounds this 5-star castle hotel. It provides a selection of opulent extras like a spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, several dining options, and a private beach. The nightly rate for a room is $540.

Schloss Mönchstein Hotel

Situated in Salzburg, is a well-known castle hotel in Austria. Atop a hill above the city, this five-star castle hotel provides breathtaking views of the surrounding area. It has a spa, a swimming pool outside, a restaurant providing gourmet food, and tastefully furnished rooms with old-fashioned furniture. Costs per night start at $380.

Schlosshotel Velden

Choose the Schlosshotel Velden in Carinthia if you're looking for an Austrian castle hotel on the sea. On the banks of Lake Wörthersee, this opulent 5-star hotel features a private beach, a spa, an outdoor pool, and a number of restaurants serving both Austrian and foreign cuisine. The nightly rate for a room is $560.

Budget-Friendly Hotels:

These three well regarded, reasonably priced Austria hotels offer excellent value for money and give visitors a comfortable, convenient place to stay.

Hotel Landgasthof Castle Kammer

Austria offers a wide range of reasonably priced lodging options that don't sacrifice comfort or style for tourists on a tight budget. The Hotel Landgasthof Castle Kammer in Maishofen, which is situated in the Austrian Alps, is one of the greatest hotels in Austria for those on a tight budget. This quaint inn features a magnificent courtyard, a typical Austrian cuisine, and comfy rooms with rustic decor. The nightly rate is $65 on average.

Hotel Goldener Adler

Hotel Goldener Adler in Innsbruck, Austria, is another well-regarded low-cost lodging option. This 4-star hotel has comfortable accommodations, a restaurant serving regional cuisine, and a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. It is located in a historic building in the center of the city. The nightly rate is $85 to start.

25hours Hotel beim MuseumsQuartier

Choose Vienna's 25hours Hotel Vienna at MuseumsQuartier for a low-cost lodging option with a contemporary flair. This quirky and chic hotel has bright, modern rooms, a restaurant serving fusion food, and a rooftop bar with expansive city views. The nightly rate is $95 to start.


Austria is a lovely nation with breathtaking scenery, a lengthy history, and energetic towns. Choosing the ideal neighborhood to stay in can significantly improve your trip experience, whether you're planning to visit the Austrian Alps ski resorts, the quaint town of Salzburg, or the imperial capital of Vienna. The following are some of the top areas in Austria to stay:

Innere Stadt, Vienna:

The best area to stay in if you want to be close to the city's key attractions is the historic core of Vienna, also known as Innere Stadt. Innere Stadt is home to some of Vienna's most well-known landmarks, including the magnificent Hofburg Palace and the iconic St. Stephen's Cathedral. A terrific destination to explore on foot, the region is also brimming with quaint cafes, eateries, and stores.

Salzburg's Altstadt:

Area is the ideal place to stay whether you're a fan of "The Sound of Music" or simply enjoy baroque architecture. The renowned Mirabell Palace and Gardens, along with several other historic structures and institutions, are located in this charming area. It's a nice place to eat authentic Austrian food and buy for trinkets.

Vienna's Leopoldstadt:

Leopoldstadt, a bustling and hip neighborhood just beyond the historic district, is well-liked by both inhabitants and visitors. In addition to a number of hip cafes, pubs, and restaurants, it is the location of the well-known Prater amusement park. The Jewish Museum of Vienna is located in this region, which also has a vibrant Jewish past.

Austria's Alsergrund:

Alsergrund is an excellent choice if you're searching for a quieter, more residential neighborhood. The breathtaking Liechtenstein Garden Palace is one of the lovely structures and green areas that make up this delightful neighborhood. The Vienna Volksoper and the Sigmund Freud Museum are just two of the many institutions that call it home.

Salzburg's Zell am See:

Zell am See is among the best places to stay if you're visiting Austria in the winter. This charming town has a number of top-notch ski resorts and is situated in the Austrian Mountains. In the summer, Zell am See is a well-liked location for water activities, cycling, and hiking.

Tourist Attractions:

Austria is a nation renowned for its breathtaking Alpine scenery, extensive past, and cultural riches. While every tourist should see the well-known monuments and attractions, some of the most distinctive and unforgettable experiences can be had off the main road. Here are three of the top off-the-path tourist attractions in Austria, from undiscovered museums to underrated outdoor pursuits:

Vienna's House of Music:

Vienna's House of Music is a museum devoted to the art and science of sound and music. It is situated in the city's historic center. The museum offers live musical concerts, virtual reality experiences, and interactive exhibitions. Visitors can direct a virtual orchestra, compose their own music, and even climb inside a huge ear to study the structure of sound. Adult tickets cost 13 euros, while kid tickets cost 6.50 euros.

Salzburg Castle:

While many visitors throng to Salzburg's renowned Salzburg Castle or Mirabell Palace, the Krimml Waterfalls offer a spectacular and distinctive natural spectacle. The Krimml Waterfalls, which have a combined height of 380 meters and are situated in the Hohe Tauern National Park, are the tallest waterfalls in Austria. Hikers can climb to the falls' summit for stunning views of the valleys and mountains in the area. Adult admission is priced at 4 euros, while a child's ticket is just 2.

Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves:

The largest ice cave in the world is in the Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves in Salzburg, another undiscovered treasure in the Austrian Alps. Tourists are welcome to explore the cave system and take in the breathtaking ice stalactites, stalagmites, and columns. Only guided tours, which cost adults 26 euros and kids 14 euros, are allowed access to the caves.

Austria FAQs:

What are the best castle hotels in Austria?

The best hotels to stay in when visiting Salento are Castle Monchstein Hotel, Schloss Lebenberg and Schlosshotel Velden.

Read the description of why we selected each of these below to learn more.

Sure, Austria has a number of five-star castle hotels that provide opulent lodging and a distinctive experience. Some of the best choices are as follows:

  1. Another castle hotel in Salzburg Castle Monchstein Hotel , this one has luxurious rooms, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and a rooftop terrace.
  2. This 700-year-old castle Schloss Lebenberg, which is located in the charming town of Kitzbühel, has been converted into an opulent hotel with a spa, a fine dining restaurant, and stunning mountain views.
  3. This upscale castle hotel Schlosshotel Velden is situated on the banks of Lake Wörthersee and provides large rooms, a private beach, a spa, and a rooftop bar with breathtaking lake views.
    These five-star castle hotels in Austria are ideal for an opulent escape and present a special chance to take in the rich history and culture of the nation.

What are the amenities offered at luxury castle hotels in Austria?

Many amenities are available at Austria's opulent castle hotels to help you have an amazing stay. Here are some of the facilities you might anticipate to discover when staying at a luxurious castle hotel in Austria, from spa services to excellent dining:

  1. Spa and Wellness Facilities: Several Austria's finest luxury castle hotels give its visitors access to top-notch spa and wellness centers. They could include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs. Also, you might be able to schedule a range of services including body cleanses, facials, and massages.
  2. Fine Dining: Many of Austria's opulent castle hotels include restaurants with Michelin stars where you can savor gourmet food cooked with seasonal, regional ingredients. Wine tastings, cooking workshops, and other culinary activities can also be available to you.
  3. Outdoor Activities: Austria is renowned for its stunning scenery, and many opulent castle hotels take advantage of this by providing access to a range of outdoor pursuits for visitors. They can include, among others, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, and golfing.
  4. Cultural Experiences: Austria is home to many historic castle hotels that provide visitors the chance to get to know the customs and culture of the area. You might be able to take a tour of the castle's grounds on foot, go to a performance or other cultural event, or explore the area's museums and historical sites.
  5. Customized Services: Austrian luxury castle hotels take great delight in offering its visitors individualized services. This might range from having a butler respond to all of your needs to having a personal concierge help you arrange your schedule and 24-hour room service. In a luxury castle hotel in Austria, you can anticipate the highest caliber of service and attention to detail.


To sum up, Austria is a nation that provides a wide range of lodging options, from luxurious castle hotels to those that are affordable for all budgets. Austria offers everything, including beachside resorts, castle hotels, and guesthouses. Among Austria's castle hotels, Burg Lockenhaus, Schloss Ernegg, and Schlosspark Mauerbach are some of the least expensive. Some of the best castle hotels in Austria include Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa, Schloss Mönchstein Hotel, and Schlosshotel Velden. These properties provide opulent additions like private beaches, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and fine dining establishments.

Some of the best castle hotels in Austria include Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa, Schloss Mönchstein Hotel, and Schlosshotel Velden. These properties provide opulent additions like private beaches, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and fine dining establishments. On the other side, some of the best inexpensive options that don't skimp on comfort or elegance include Hotel Landgasthof Castle Kammer, Hotel Goldener Adler, and 25hours Hotel Vienna at MuseumsQuartier. The Innere Stadt in Vienna, Salzburg's Altstadt, Vienna's Leopoldstadt, Austria's Alsergrund, and Salzburg's Zell am See are some of the greatest neighborhoods to think about staying in. Doing so can significantly improve one's travel experience. Austria is a must-visit location for any traveler because of its breathtaking alpine beauty, extensive culture, and rich architectural history.

In conclusion, Austria is a stunning nation with a wide variety of areas and lodging options. Austria has something for everyone, whether you're a frugal visitor or want to splurge. Austria is a very sought-after travel destination because of its breathtaking alpine beauty, extensive culture, and rich architectural history. Pack your bags, reserve your lodging, and prepare to discover all that this magnificent nation has to offer.