Best Hotels In Gothenburg, Sweden (2023)

Best Hotels In Gothenburg, Sweden (2023)

On Sweden's western coast, there is a magnificent port city called Gothenburg. Gothenburg is a well-liked vacation and business travel destination thanks to its gorgeous architecture, extensive cultural history, and lively atmosphere. Things to do abound in Gothenburg, from top-notch museums and art galleries to hip cafes and eateries.

You're in luck if you're considering a vacation to Gothenburg and want to know where to stay. The city is home to a diverse selection of hotels, from luxurious establishments to those that are affordable.

Hotels with Moderates Rates:

A list of the best Mid-Range hotels to stay at when visiting Gothenburg, Sweden.

Riverton Inn

The Hotel Riverton is a cutting-edge hotel with cozy accommodations and first-rate services that is situated in the center of Gothenburg. Together with a gym and sauna, the hotel has a spa and wellness center with a variety of services. Also, the hotel offers a restaurant and bar where delectable Scandinavian food and handcrafted drinks are served. Rates per night start at $130.

Hotel Bellora

Go no further than Hotel Bellora if you're searching for a hip hotel in Gothenburg. The hotel is situated in the city's well-known fashion sector and offers chic rooms with cutting-edge services and distinctive décor. A fantastic restaurant and bar with delectable Italian food and handcrafted beverages are also available at the hotel. Rates per night start at $150.

Avalon Hotel

In the center of Gothenburg, there is a chic, contemporary hotel called The Avalon Hotel. The hotel has a spa and wellness center with a variety of treatments, as well as large, comfortable rooms with modern conveniences. A fantastic restaurant and bar with delectable Scandinavian food and handcrafted beverages are also available at the hotel. The nightly rate is $160 on average.

Luxury Lodging:

The top all-inclusive luxury hotels Sweden has to offer are those listed under luxury accommodations.

Upper House

The Upper House, which is situated on the top floors of the Gothia Towers, provides breathtaking panoramic views over Gothenburg. The hotel offers elegant rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, and complementary mini-bars in its big, contemporary rooms. Also, The Top House features a wonderful spa and wellness center with a variety of treatments and a rooftop café serving delectable Scandinavian food. Rates per night start at $400.

Hotel Pigalle

Go no further than Hotel Pigalle if you're looking for a chic, upscale hotel in Gothenburg. This exquisite, distinctively decorated hotel is set in a historic structure and is situated in the center of the city. The rooms are tastefully furnished with antiques and contemporary conveniences. Together with a restaurant that specializes in French and Nordic cuisine, the hotel also boasts a bustling bar that sells craft drinks. Rates per night start at $300.

Dorsia Hotel & Restaurant

Luxurious hotel The Dorsia Hotel & Restaurant blends Art Deco style with contemporary architecture. The hotel, which is centrally located downtown Gothenburg, offers roomy accommodations with distinctive décor that includes handmade furniture and creative artwork. The hotel also boasts a classy bar that's ideal for a pre-dinner drink and an exceptional restaurant serving gourmet Nordic cuisine. Rates per night start at $350.

Budget-Friendly Hotels:

There is a hotel in Gothenburg that is ideal for you, regardless of your spending limit or vacation preferences. To help you get the most out of your time in Gothenburg, Sweden, these hotels provide welcoming quarters, first-rate amenities, and practical locations. They range from luxurious accommodations to cost-effective choices.

Garda Spar Hotel

The Spar Hotel Garda in the Grda neighborhood of Gothenburg is a reasonably priced hotel with cozy accommodations and first-rate services. The hotel has a sauna, a fitness center, and a restaurant serving delectable Scandinavian food. The hotel is close to the city center and provides complimentary parking. The nightly rate is $70 on average.

Allen Hotel

In Gothenburg's Haga neighborhood is the comfortable and reasonably priced Hotel Allen. The hotel offers a free breakfast buffet and cozy rooms with contemporary conveniences. Haga Nygata, a well-known street lined with stores, cafes, and restaurants, is close to the hotel. Nightly rates start at $80.

Guesthouse and Hotel Linnéplatsens

In Gothenburg's hip Linné neighborhood, Linnéplatsens Hotel & Hostel is a reasonably priced hotel. The hotel is a great option for tourists on a tight budget because it has both private rooms and dormitories in the hostel style. The hotel also has a rooftop patio with city views, a TV lounge, and a community kitchen. A dorm bed costs $50 a night, and a private room costs $80 per night.


The second-largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg, is a bustling, stimulating location with a fascinating past and culture. In this attractive coastal city, there is no shortage of things to do and see, from visiting museums and parks to dining and shopping. Three of the top areas in Gothenburg to stay are listed below:


In the center of Gothenburg, there is a charming and historic neighborhood called Haga. Haga, which is well-known for its cobblestone alleys, vibrant homes, and quaint cafes, is a great option for those who wish to take in the city's distinctive culture and environment. A number of museums, notably the Gothenburg Art Museum and the Museum of Gothenburg, are also located in this area.


West of the city center is the stylish and energetic district of Linné. This neighborhood is well-known for its trendy cafes, pubs, and restaurants as well as its lovely parks and gardens. Travelers who wish to experience Gothenburg's nightlife and take part in outdoor pursuits including biking, hiking, and picnicking should consider Linné.


South of the city center is the bohemian and eccentric district known as Majorna. This neighborhood is well-known for its artsy neighborhood, independent stores, stunning architecture, and vivid street art. Majorna is a great option for tourists who wish to explore off-the-beaten-path treasures and learn about Gothenburg's alternative culture.

Tourist Attractions:

Let's now examine three of the top things to do in Gothenburg as a tourist:

Liseberg Fun Center:

One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Gothenburg is Liseberg Amusement Park, and for good reason. The park has a range of thrilling attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, games, performances, and dining options. The starting price for entrance is $48 for adults and $37 for kids.

Garden of Botany in Göteborg:

In the center of the city stands the Gothenburg Botanical Garden, a stunning and serene haven. The garden has more than 16,000 different varieties of plants, some of which are rare and exotic, along with many greenhouses, themed gardens, and a Japanese garden. There is no charge to enter the garden.

Feskekôrka and the Seafood Market:

On the banks of the Göta River is a thriving and busy market called the Fish Market and Feskekôrka (Fish Church). Together with other regional specialties, the market offers a selection of fresh seafood, including as salmon, lobster, and oysters. Feskekôrka is a stunning fish market structure that resembles a cathedral, making it a distinctive experience. There is no charge to enter the market.

Gothenburg, Sweden FAQs:

Are there any luxury hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden?

Indeed, Gothenburg, Sweden, has a number of upscale hotels. Some of the best choices are as follows:

  1. Hotel Bellora - This chic hotel with a contemporary Scandinavian design is situated in the hip Vasastaden neighbourhood. The hotel also features a rooftop bar with breathtaking city views.
  2. Elite Plaza Hotel - Situated in the centre of the city, this opulent hotel is housed in a landmark structure that dates back to 1889. The hotel also boasts a spa and a well-known restaurant, and the rooms are roomy and designed in a traditional style.
  3. Clarion Hotel Post - Located in a former post office, this hotel mixes old-world elegance with contemporary luxury. The hotel has stylish, roomy accommodations in addition to a rooftop bar and pool.
  4. Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel - This hotel, which is situated in the hip Lindholmen neighbourhood, provides breathtaking views of the river and the city. The hotel features a spa and a restaurant with spectacular views in addition to the contemporary, large rooms.
  5. Upper House - With breathtaking views of the city, this opulent hotel is situated on the top floors of the Gothia Towers structure. The hotel features a Michelin-starred restaurant, a spa, and rooms that are both large and contemporary.

Are there any budget-friendly hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden?

Indeed, Gothenburg, Sweden, has a number of hotels that are affordable and provide lodging options.

The Hotel Poseidon, which is situated in the city's core, is one such hotel. Simple but pleasant accommodations are available, and the price includes breakfast and basic services like free Wi-Fi. Another choice is the Slottsskogen Hotel, which has quaint rooms with communal bathrooms and is situated in the well-liked park area of Slottsskogen.

The Forenom Aparthotel Gothenburg provides well-appointed apartments with kitchenettes and comfortable mattresses at a reasonable rate for visitors who seek a more contemporary and fashionable stay.

The Hotel Pigalle, Hotel Vasa, and Spar Hotel Grda are further Gothenburg accommodations that are reasonably priced. These motels provide basic facilities and cosy accommodations at affordable rates.

What amenities are available at hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden?

Hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden provide a variety of amenities to ensure that your stay is comfortable and pleasurable. First off, most hotels in Gothenburg include complimentary Wi-Fi, which is a must for most tourists. You can easily work from your hotel room or stay in touch with your loved ones.

You'll be happy to learn that many hotels in Gothenburg include on-site gyms, swimming pools, or provide access to neighbouring fitness centres if you're a fitness enthusiast. When on vacation or a business trip, you can still keep up your exercise programme with ease. Several hotels provide spa services, such as massages, facials, and other treatments, for customers seeking relaxation. This might be a great way to relax and recharge after a long day of city exploration.

The majority of hotels in Gothenburg also provide 24-hour room service, allowing you to place orders for food and beverages whenever you want. Without leaving the cosiness of your accommodation, you can indulge in a delectable meal or snack. Free parking, laundry facilities, and concierge services are additional features that are frequently provided at hotels in Gothenburg. Also, some hotels include on-site eateries, bars, and cafes where you may savour delectable meals and beverages.

In conclusion, hotels in Gothenburg provide a variety of amenities to meet the requirements and tastes of various visitors. You can select a hotel with the amenities you desire, including 24-hour room service, spa services, and exercise facilities.


Finally, Gothenburg, Sweden, is a fantastic vacation spot for tourists of all ages and interests. This great port city has a vibrant atmosphere, stunning architecture, and a rich cultural past.

The city offers a wide selection of lodging options to suit every taste and budget, including luxury hotels like Upper House, Hotel Pigalle, and Dorsia Hotel, as well as more moderately priced lodging options including Garda Spar Hotel, Allen Hotel, and Hotel Linnéplatsens. Moreover, Haga, Linné, and Avenyn are three of the best places to stay in Gothenburg.

Fine museums and art galleries, trendy cafes, restaurants, and beautiful parks and gardens are all available for visitors to enjoy. All things considered, Gothenburg is a remarkable city that is highly recommended.