Best Hotels In Granada, Spain (2023)

Best Hotels In Granada, Spain (2023)

Granada is a Spanish city in the southern Andalusia area that is rich in culture, history, and scenic beauty. This city is renowned for the spectacular Alhambra Palace, stunning vistas of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and magnificent Islamic architecture. With so much to see and do, selecting the ideal lodging is crucial for a wonderful trip. In this post, we'll show you where to stay in Granada, Spain, and provide you with information on some of the best hotels there.

Granada lodging options depend on your preferences and financial situation. There are many different types of hotels in Granada, from affordable hostels to luxurious five-star complexes. There are several distinct neighbourhoods in the city, each with their own special charm and personality. The top hotels in Granada, Spain, are listed here, sorted by star rating and amenities.

Moderately Priced Hotels:

There are several Hotels in Granada, Spain that are a good option for travelers who want a comfortable stay without breaking the bank. They are also suitable for business travelers who need basic amenities and services like conference rooms and business centers.

Carmen Real Del Realejo

Carmen Del Realejo is a comfortable and elegant hotel with a lovely garden, terrace, and outdoor swimming pool. It is situated in the attractive Realejo area. The hotel includes ten rooms, each of which is uniquely and stylishly designed. Flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning are just a few of the contemporary conveniences available in the rooms. Many of Granada's greatest attractions are close to the hotel, making it a great starting point for exploring the area. Rates for a night start at about $100.

Oro del Darro Suites

Oro del Darro Suites is a great choice if you're looking for a hotel that offers both luxury and budget. This hotel, which is situated in the old Albaicin district, provides breathtaking views of the Alhambra Palace and the Darro River. The hotel offers roomy, opulent rooms, each with a living room, kitchenette, and contemporary conveniences. Visitors can unwind in the hotel's lovely courtyard and take advantage of the complementary breakfast buffet. Tickets for a night start at about $130.

Casa Bombo

Casa Bomba The centre of the Albaicin district is home to the distinctive and attractive hotel known as Casa Bomba. The hotel has six inviting rooms, each of which has a patio with stunning views of the city and the Alhambra Castle. The rooms feature handcrafted furniture, vibrant tiling, and classic Andalusian design. Visitors can unwind on the rooftop terrace of the hotel, which provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Costs for a night start at about $90.

Luxury Hotels:

There are several hotels in Granada that have been rated five stars, and will certain to blow the minds of visitors who stay there. The hotels provides guests with a variety of services, ranging from world-class spas and fitness centers to restaurants with breathtaking views.

Hotel Palacio De Santa Paula Autograph Collection

Hotel Palacio De Santa Paula Autograph Collection, a luxury hotel The Hotel Palacio De Santa Paula Autograph Collection is the ideal accommodation if you seek luxury and elegance. This five-star hotel is housed in a convent from the 16th century and boasts lovely Gothic architecture and opulent decor. The hotel offers opulent, roomy accommodations with flat-screen TVs, lounge areas, and marble bathrooms. The hotel's fitness facility, spa, and upscale restaurant serve traditional Andalusian fare to its patrons. Costs per night start at about $250.

Parador de Granada

Granada's Parador The Parador de Granada is a genuinely distinctive and upscale hotel that is housed inside the Alhambra Palace's walls. This opulent five-star hotel boasts exquisite Moorish architecture and furnishings and provides breathtaking views of the Alhambra Palace and the city. The hotel offers attractive, roomy accommodations, each with a seating space and contemporary conveniences. The hotel's spa, outdoor pool, and upscale restaurant serve traditional Andalusian fare to its patrons. Costs for a night start at about $400.

Hospes Palacio de los Patos

Hospes Palacio de los Patos is a luxury hotel that is yet affordable for individuals with a relatively high budget because rates start at about $250 per night. All things considered, Hospes Palacio de los Patos is a great option for those seeking a premium and distinctive experience in Granada, Spain. It is the ideal choice for a wonderful stay in this lovely city with to its historic charm, contemporary amenities, and lovely surroundings.

Budget-Friendly Hotels:

Here are some budget friendly hotels in Granada, Spain that are affordable and comfortable, well worth the price.

Sercotel Palacio De Los Gamboa

The Sercotel Palace of Los Gamboa The Sercotel Palacio De Los Gamboa is a stunning and reasonably priced hotel that provides exceptional value for money. It is situated right in the centre of Granada's historic district. The hotel is located in a stunning palace from the 16th century that has undergone meticulous restoration to retain its original elegance. There are 40 cosy and contemporary rooms in the hotel, each with a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. Sercotel Palacio De Los Gamboa is a great choice for travellers on a low budget who yet want to take in the beauty and history of Granada because rates there start at about $60 per night.

Hotel America Hotel

Hotel America In the core of Granada's historic district, Hotel America is a pleasant and reasonably priced hotel. The stunning indoor courtyard of Hotel America, which includes a fountain and rich foliage, is one of its distinctive characteristics. The hotel's courtyard is the perfect location to unwind and take in the peace. In addition, the hotel has a welcoming lounge and a bar where guests may unwind and have a drink. In the heart of Granada's historic district, Hotel America offers comfortable accommodations for a reasonable price, with rates that start at roughly $70 per night.

Gran Hotel Luna de Granada

Granada's Gran Hotel Luna Granada's business and cultural district is home to the cosy and reasonably priced Gran Hotel Luna de Granada. The hotel has 367 large, contemporary rooms, as well as a stunning ballroom that can host up to 500 guests and is the perfect location for weddings and other gatherings. The hotel has a bar where visitors may unwind and enjoy a drink in addition to a restaurant serving typical Andalusian food. A stunning outdoor pool, a fitness centre, and a sauna are other hotel amenities. Gran Hotel Luna de Granada is a great choice for people searching for a cosy and budget-friendly hotel in the centre of Granada, with rates starting at about $70 per night.


There are various neighbourhoods in Granada, Spain that are great for staying in, each having its own special charm and character. The following are some of the top areas in Granada to stay:


One of Granada's oldest and most beautiful neighbourhoods is Albaicin. Albaicin, a hilltop neighbourhood across from the Alhambra Palace, is well-known for its curvy, winding lanes, white-washed homes, and breathtaking cityscapes. Historic structures like the Church of San Salvador and the Palace of Dar al-Horra may be found in this neighbourhood. In addition, Albaicin has a large number of pubs, eateries, and coffee shops, making it a great location to enjoy Granada's exciting nightlife.


The centre of Granada's historic district is home to the bustling and diverse area known as Realejo. This area is renowned for its winding alleyways, vibrant architecture, and lively squares. Many cultural landmarks, like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Casa de los Tiros Museum, can be found in Realejo. Realejo is a great spot to experience the lively atmosphere of Granada because it has many pubs, restaurants, and stores.


Centro is a great spot to stay for individuals who want to be close to the activity because it is the commercial and cultural centre of Granada. Many stores, eateries, and pubs can be found in this area, along with a number of cultural landmarks like the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel. A number of historic structures, like the Corral del Carbon and the Palace of the Counts of Gabia, can be found in Centro.

Tourist Attractions:

The Alhambra Palace and the Generalife Gardens are two famous tourist destinations in the Spanish city of Granada, which is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Yet, visitors can take part in a variety of off-the-path activities in addition to the well-known tourist attractions. The following are three of the best off-the-path tourist activities in Granada, from discovering hidden areas of the city to tasting regional cuisine:

Mirador de San Nicolas

Beautiful scenery may be found in the Mirador de San Nicolas, which is situated in the Albaicin district. Visitors can take in breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Alhambra Palace from this location. This vantage point is a well-liked location to see the city's sunset. The best part is that you may get there by strolling through the little lanes of Albaicin.

Calle Calderería

In the centre of the Albaicin area, there is a lively and colourful street called Calle Calderera Nueva. This street is well-known for its traditional tea stores, vibrant businesses, and Moorish-inspired architecture. Tourists can stroll along the winding lanes and sip tea while they take in the vibrant ambience of this distinctive area. Tea varies in price depending on the business, but it is typically a cheap activity.

Carmen de los Martires

There is a lovely garden called Carmen de los Martires not far from Granada's old town. This garden has lovely sculptures, fountains, and a lake. The tranquillity of this hidden gem can be enjoyed by visitors as they stroll through the garden. There is a nominal entrance fee of €5 per person, but the stunning scenery and serene ambiance make it well worth it.

Granada, Spain FAQs:

What are Granada, Spain's top hotels?

Granada, a well-liked tourist destination in Spain's Andalusia area, is renowned for its magnificent architecture, fascinating past, and lively culture. If you're considering visiting this amazing city, you should book a room at one of the top hotels in Granada. Some of the best choices are as follows:

  1. The Alhambra Palace Hotel, which boasts breath-taking views of the city and is situated near to the renowned Alhambra palace. The hotel has a rooftop patio, spa, and Michelin-starred restaurant, and the rooms are roomy and well furnished.
  2. Eurostars Gran Via Granada - Located in the centre of the city, this contemporary hotel offers chic, comfortable accommodations. The hotel's restaurant, gym, and rooftop terrace are all available to guests.
  3. Hospes Palacio de los Patos - This 19th-century palace has been converted into an opulent hotel that skillfully combines old-world design with contemporary conveniences. The hotel has a spa, restaurant, and attractive courtyard in addition to the rooms, which are roomy and elegant.
  4. AC Palacio de Santa Paula – This elegantly renovated hotel is housed in a convent from the 16th century and offers contemporary conveniences. The hotel has a restaurant, gym, and library, and the rooms are roomy and comfortable.
  5. Parador de Granada - This magnificent hotel, which is a part of the Alhambra palace complex, has a dazzling view of the city. The rooms have lots of space and

Which Granada, Spain, hotels have the best reviews?

Millions of people visit the stunning city of Granada each year because it is located in southern Spain. It is renowned for its beautiful architecture, vibrant culture, and historical sites, like as the Alhambra palace and fortress. You might be wondering which hotels in Granada are the best if you're thinking about taking a trip there. Some of the best hotels in Granada, Spain, are listed below:

  1. Parador de Granada: With breathtaking views of the city, this hotel is situated on the grounds of the Alhambra palace. A historic structure that has undergone renovations to become a five-star hotel with 40 rooms, a restaurant, and a pool.
  2. Hospes Palacio de los Patos: This hotel is set in a 19th-century palace and is situated in the heart of the city. It contains a spa, a fine dining restaurant, and 42 rooms.
  3. Eurostars Gran Via: This hotel has 39 rooms and is situated in the centre of Granada. A rooftop patio and a gym are just a couple of the fantastic amenities this contemporary hotel provides.
  4. Hotel Casa 1800 Granada: With 25 rooms, this hotel is housed in a historic structure in the heart of the city. Stunning views of the Alhambra can be seen from the rooftop patio of this boutique hotel.
  5. NH Collection Granada Victoria: This 69-room hotel is situated in the heart of the city. It's a contemporary hotel with excellent amenities,

What services do hotels in Granada provide?

Millions of tourists visit the historic city of Granada each year, which is located in southern Spain. The city boasts a selection of hotels with a range of amenities to meet the demands of these visitors. We will go over a few of the amenities that hotels in Granada provide in this blog post.

  1. Free Wi-Fi: The majority of hotels in Granada provide their visitors with free Wi-Fi. This facilitates communication between travellers and their loved ones back home and aids in itinerary planning.
  2. Swimming pool: Granada is home to many hotels that have this fantastic amenity, especially in the summertime.
  3. Air conditioning: Given how hot it can be in Granada in the summer, air conditioning is a necessity. In Granada, air conditioning is a common feature of hotels.
  4. Breakfast: The majority of hotels in Granada give their visitors a free breakfast. This can help travellers save money on food while also providing a nice way to start the day.
  5. Parking: Finding a place to park can be difficult if you're driving to Granada. Nonetheless, Granada has a large number of hotels that provide parking, which can be quite useful for visitors.
  6. Room service: The room service is a nice facility provided by many hotels in Granada for guests who want to unwind in their rooms while eating a meal or a snack.
  7. Fitness facility: A fitness centre is a nice amenity that some hotels in Granada offer.


In summary, Granada, Spain is a city rich in culture, history, and beauty that provides visitors with a diverse selection of experiences. Everyone can find something to do in Granada, from the well-known attractions like the Alhambra Palace and the Generalife Gardens to the off-the-path attractions like the Mirador de San Nicolas, Calle Calderera, and Carmen de los Martires.

Granada offers a range of lodging choices to accommodate all tastes and price ranges when it comes to lodging. The city has everything, whether you're seeking for luxury and elegance or a warm and welcoming hotel.

Each of Granada's neighbourhoods has its own distinct appeal and character, from the buzzing atmosphere of Realejo to the historic allure of Albaicin and the vibrant economic and cultural centre of Centro. Ultimately, Granada is a must-visit location for anyone visiting Spain because it provides tourists with an experience they will never forget.