Best Hotels In Hue, Vietnam (2023)

Best Hotels In Hue, Vietnam (2023)

Vietnam's major city of Hue is renowned for its extensive history, historic sites, and picturesque surroundings. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was originally the Nguyen dynasty's imperial capital. Due to its historical sites, breathtaking scenery, and mouthwatering cuisine, Hue is a well-liked tourist destination.

If you're seeking for the greatest places to stay in Hue, Vietnam while planning a trip there, you're in luck. In Hue, there are several excellent hotels that can accommodate all different types of visitors, whether they are searching for luxurious lodgings, affordable alternatives, or something in between. We will discuss a few of Hue, Vietnam's top hotels in this article.

Hotels with Moderate Rates:

A list of the best Mid-Range hotels to stay at when visiting Hue, Vietnam.

aNhill Boutique

In the center of Hue, there is a stunning hotel called ANhill Boutique. The hotel's location is ideal for seeing the city's attractions, and it features an exquisite and contemporary style. The hotel has 30 tastefully decorated rooms, each with a cozy bed, a private bathroom, and contemporary conveniences like air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel's restaurant serves delectable Vietnamese and international food, and the rooftop pool provides a lovely view of the city. For guests seeking luxurious accommodations at an inexpensive price, ANhill Boutique is among the best hotels in Hue, Vietnam. Nightly rates there begin at about $40.

Silk Path Grand Sapa Resort & Spa

Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa is a luxurious hotel located in the heart of Hue city, offering a perfect blend of modern amenities and traditional Vietnamese hospitality. The hotel offers 198 tastefully furnished guestrooms and suites with flat-screen TVs, complimentary WiFi, and plush linen. The hotel's spa provides a variety of therapies, and those who enjoy being active will find the hotel's fitness center to be well-equipped. The hotel's restaurants provide both Vietnamese and other cuisines, and the rooftop bar has a lovely city view. One of the nicest hotels in Hue, Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa has rates that start at about $80 per night.

Kawara My An Onsen Resort

Kawara My An Onsen Resort is a beautiful hotel located in the tranquil countryside of Hue city, surrounded by natural beauty and lush greenery. The hotel has 36 tastefully decorated rooms, each with a cozy bed, a private bathroom, and contemporary conveniences like air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi. The onsen (hot spring) of the hotel is a special feature that enables visitors to unwind and revitalize in pure mineral water. Other activities available at the hotel include cycling, hiking, and fishing. Kawara My An Onsen Resort is a great option for guests seeking luxury accommodations in Hue, Vietnam, away from the bustle of the city, with rates starting at about $70 per night.

Luxury Lodging:

The top all-inclusive luxury hotels Hue, Vietnam has to offer are those listed under luxury accommodations.

Alba Wellness Resort by Fusion

The Alba Wellness Resort by Fusion is surrounded by lush green hills and rice terraces, the opulent Alba Wellness Resort by Fusion is situated outside of Hue. The resort's top-notch spa amenities, which include a hot tub, sauna, and steam room, are well-known. The accommodations are tastefully furnished and include contemporary conveniences including air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a minibar. The resort also offers a fitness center and an outdoor pool. Nightly rates start at about $200.

Azerai La Residence Hue

The Azerai La Residence Hue is a magnificent hotel that can be found close to the Imperial City on the banks of the Perfume River. The hotel is housed in a mansion from the colonial era that has been exquisitely restored to its original splendor. The rooms are roomy and include a fusion of traditional Vietnamese and Art Deco design elements. The hotel offers a restaurant that serves Vietnamese and Western food, a pool, and a spa. Nightly rates start at about $300.

Ancient Hue Garden Houses

The opulent Ancient Hue Garden Houses hotel is situated in the heart of the city. Traditional garden homes that have been meticulously renovated and repurposed into guest rooms make up the hotel. Traditional Vietnamese design elements, such as wooden furnishings and regional artwork, are featured in each individual room. The hotel also boasts a restaurant with delectable Vietnamese food and a pool. Nightly rates start at about $150.

Budget-Friendly Hotels:

These three well regarded, reasonably priced hotels in Hue, Vietnam offer excellent value for money and give visitors a comfortable, convenient place to stay.

EMM Hotel Hue

The Trang Tien Bridge and the Perfume River are just a short stroll from the EMM Hotel Hue, which is centrally located downtown Hue. The hotel has a spa, a fitness center, and a rooftop pool with breathtaking city views. The accommodations in the rooms are up-to-date and welcoming and include flat-screen TVs, minibars, and air conditioning. A restaurant of the EMM Hotel Hue delivers delectable regional and international fare. The starting price for a night is about $30.

Alba Spa Hotel

When visiting Hue, the Alba Spa Hotel is a fantastic option for tourists looking to unwind. The hotel is located adjacent to the Perfume River in a quiet neighborhood that is also surrounded by vegetation. The Alba Spa Hotel features a spa, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool. The rooms have a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, a minibar, and are roomy and designed with a contemporary flair. A restaurant that serves a variety of Vietnamese and foreign cuisines is also located within the hotel. The starting price for a night is about $40.

Melia Vinpearl Hue

The Melia Vinpearl Hue is a stunning hotel with excellent value for money. The Hue Citadel and the Tomb of Khai Dinh are both about a 20-minute drive from this hotel, which also has a sauna, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool. The accommodations in the rooms are up-to-date and welcoming and include flat-screen TVs, minibars, and air conditioning. A restaurant inside the hotel offers a selection of Vietnamese and other cuisines. The starting price for a night is about $50.


Vietnam's central province is home to the ancient city of Hue. It is renowned for its beautiful natural scenery, magnificent architecture, and rich cultural legacy. There are many things to do in Hue, such as taking a boat tour down the Perfume River or touring old temples and tombs. There are a number of choices when it comes to the best districts to stay in, many of which give close proximity to the city's major attractions.

Hue City Center

The Hue City Center is the ideal accommodation for those who wish to be close to the action. The Imperial Citadel and the Dong Ba Market are two of the most popular sights in this region. Additionally, it is a thriving commercial neighborhood with many of eateries, cafes, and stores.

Phu Hoi

Phu Hoi is a quieter neighborhood just across the river from Hue City Center. Hotels in this area range from low-cost options to high-end luxurious ones. Visitors who want to be near to the activity but want a more relaxed atmosphere should definitely consider this option. This neighborhood is renowned for its charming streets that are lined with cafes and eateries. It also has some of the best cheap lodgings in the city.

Thuy Bieu

Thuy Bieu is a great option for tourists looking to escape the city and be close to nature. This rural community, which is not far from the city center, is renowned for its lovely orchards and rice paddies. Travelers at Thuy Bieu can take use of spa services, cooking workshops, and bicycle excursions. Many boutique hotels and guesthouses can be found in this neighborhood, providing travelers with an original and true view of Vietnam.

Tourist Attractions:

Hue offers a lot to offer those looking for memorable experiences. These are three exciting things to do in Hue:

Thanh Toan Bridge:

Thanh Toan Bridge is a historic covered bridge that is situated in a small village outside of Hue. This singular attraction is renowned for its unusual style and lovely surroundings. Crossing the bridge allows visitors to stroll around the neighborhood and take in its many local markets and traditional craft studios. There is no charge to enter Thanh Toan Bridge.

Thien Mu Pagoda:

On the banks of the Perfume River stands the magnificent Buddhist shrine known as Thien Mu Pagoda. One of Hue's oldest and most significant religious sites is this majestic building. The Thien Mu Pagoda offers visitors the chance to tour the temple grounds, take in the breathtaking river views, and discover more about Vietnamese Buddhism's past and present. Although there is no charge to enter Thien Mu Pagoda, donations are appreciated to help maintain the shrine.

Hue Royal Tombs:

The Hue Royal Tombs are a group of historic temples and mausoleums that are situated outside of the city. These magnificent buildings, which were constructed in the Nguyen Dynasty's emperors' honor, provide a rare window into Vietnamese history and culture.  When visiting the Hue Royal Tombs, visitors can explore the elaborate temples and lovely gardens while learning about the Nguyen Dynasty's traditions and customs. Depending on the tomb you visit, admission to the Hue Royal Tombs can cost anywhere between $2 and $7.

Hue, Vietnam FAQs:

What are the best hotels in Hue, Vietnam?

You can pick from a variety of lodging alternatives when visiting the stunning city of Hue in Vietnam.

  1. Azerai La Residence Hue is among the best locations to stay. On the banks of the Perfume River, this opulent hotel offers breathtaking views and convenient access to some of the best tourist destinations in the area. It has a fitness center, Jacuzzi, and outdoor pool, and the rooms are furnished with the newest conveniences.
  2. The Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa is an outstanding alternative. Traditional Vietnamese buildings and lovely gardens surround this upmarket boutique hotel. In addition to a spa, a fitness center, a pool, and a variety of activities like culinary classes and guided walks, the resort offers these amenities. The rooms are roomy and cozy, with contemporary conveniences and lovely views.
  3. The Hue Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa is yet another excellent option for accommodation when visiting Hue. This opulent resort, which is situated on the Perfume River's banks, provides breathtaking vistas and a variety of services. It offers a spa, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a number of dining options. The rooms are contemporary and roomy, with all the most current conveniences for a relaxing stay.

What are the most luxurious hotels in Hue, Vietnam?

Travelers who want to take in Hue, Vietnam's spectacular natural beauty and myriad cultural attractions frequently visit this city. There are various upscale hotels in Hue that you should think about staying at if you want a luxurious hotel experience. An magnificent hotel, The Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa  boasts stunning views of the Perfume River, lush gardens, and traditional Hue architecture. Another excellent option is the Imperial Hotel Hue, which is centrally located in Hue City and provides visitors with a genuinely regal experience thanks to its opulent furnishings, imported furniture, and cutting-edge services. With its warm, romantic décor and convenient location near the Imperial Citadel, the Romance Hotel Hue is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a more private and intimate trip.

How do I find the best hotel in Hue?

It can be difficult to find the best hotel in Hue, but there are a few things you can do to ensure you have the best experience.

To start, look up some information about the various hotels nearby online. Look for ratings on travel websites like TripAdvisor as well as reviews from other travelers. Always read the tiny print in reviews because some of them can be prejudiced or not reflect the hotel fairly.

Second, think about the kind of experience you want. Are you seeking a cost-effective solution or something more opulent? Do you prefer a hotel that is more remote or one that is close to the city center? Check out the amenities that each hotel provides, such as the parking, restaurants, or swimming pools.

Last but not least, pay particular attention to the cost. Make sure you're getting the greatest bargain possible by comparing the prices of each hotel. When you reserve in advance or stay for a longer duration, some hotels could offer cheaper rates.

Whatever hotel you decide on, make sure you reserve early for the greatest availability and price. You can choose the ideal hotel in Hue for your needs with a little bit of study.


In conclusion, Hue, Vietnam is a fascinating destination that offers a glimpse into the country's rich history, culture, and scenic beauty. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is home to many historic landmarks, from the imperial citadel to the tombs of the Nguyen dynasty, which are sure to captivate any visitor. Moreover, the city boasts a culinary scene that is renowned for its delicious local dishes and exotic flavors.

Hue's hotel offerings cater to all kinds of travelers, from budget-friendly options to luxurious and all-inclusive resorts. Visitors seeking a taste of luxury can opt for hotels like Alba Wellness Resort by Fusion or Azerai La Residence Hue, while those on a tighter budget can consider affordable options such as EMM Hotel Hue or Alba Spa Hotel. Regardless of the accommodation, each of these hotels promises a comfortable stay and warm Vietnamese hospitality. Overall, Hue's combination of history, culture, and breathtaking surroundings make it a must-visit destination in Vietnam.