Best Hotels in Kaş, Turkey (2023)

Best Hotels in Kaş, Turkey (2023)

Kas, a lovely town on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, is a great place to spend some time. Kas is a wonderful vacation destination for anyone in search of peace and quiet. The area draws tourists with its breathtaking scenery and fascinating historical landmarks. The town is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, delicious regional cuisine, and traditional bazaars. Kas is a wonderful place to visit whether you're looking for a quiet retreat, an action-packed vacation, or a cultural immersion.

Kas is home to a wide variety of hotels, resorts, and boutique hotels, so it shouldn't be hard to find the perfect accommodation for your trip. In this article, we will highlight some of the best hotels in Kas, Turkey to help you choose the best hotel for your future vacation.

Mid-Ranged Hotels:

These reasonably priced hotels have cozy accommodations, a welcoming ambiance, and a convenient location.

Payam Hotel

In the center of Kas, there is a tiny, family-owned hotel called Payam Hotel. Each room in the hotel features comfortable furnishings and traditional Turkish decor, giving it a distinctive and endearing appearance. The hotel also has a patio where visitors may unwind and take in views of the city and the ocean. The starting rate for the hotel is about $50 per night.

Hideaway Hotel

The tranquil and serene Hideaway Hotel welcomes visitors and is only a short stroll from Kas's core. The hotel has a sun deck, garden area, and swimming pool, giving it the ideal place to unwind. Each room has attractively decorated furniture and is furnished in a classic Turkish design. The starting rate for the Hideaway Hotel is roughly $60 per night.

Luvi Kas Otel

The lovely Luvi Kas Otel is a hotel that is close to the beach. The hotel has a restaurant providing traditional Turkish food and a terrace with breathtaking sea views. After a day of touring Kas, you may unwind in one of the tastefully decorated rooms with cozy furnishings. The Luvi Kas Otel has nightly rates that start at about $60.

La Kumsal Hotel

This beauty, La Kumsal Hotel is situated in Kas's tranquil and serene location. Each of the hotel's rooms is roomy and well-appointed, and the establishment has a pool, sun patio, and garden area. The hotel's proximity to Kas's beach and town center makes it the ideal place to unwind and explore the area. La Kumsal Hotel rates start at about $70 per night.

Luxury Lodging:

From stunning private villas to world-class amenities, these properties promise an unforgettable stay. Listing some of the best luxurious hotels in Kas, Turkey.

The Doria Hotel

Just a few meters from the bustling town center and the scenic port lies Kas's most opulent 5-star hotel, The Doria. The elegant and roomy suites and rooms at this boutique hotel each have a private balcony with views of the sea or mountains. The hotel's amenities include a spa, a gym, a swimming pool, and a restaurant serving Mediterranean food. The hotel also provides a variety of boat cruises and water sports activities. The nightly rate starts at about $210.

Peninsula Gardens Hotel & Beach

Surrounded by lush gardens and providing breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, Peninsula Gardens Hotel Beach is a stunning 5-star resort situated on the outskirts of Kas. This five-star hotel offers generously sized rooms and suites, each with a separate balcony or terrace. The hotel's amenities include a spa, a gym, a swimming pool, and a restaurant serving Mediterranean food. In addition, the hotel provides a variety of water sports activities, including kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The cost per night begins at about $250.

Lukka Exclusive Hotel

The opulent 5-star Lukka Exclusive Hotel (Adult Only) is exclusively for visitors who are over the age of 18. This hotel is situated in a quiet neighborhood of Kas, close to beautiful gardens and with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Each of the hotel's large, pleasant rooms and suites has a separate balcony or terrace. The hotel's amenities include a spa, a gym, a swimming pool, and a restaurant serving Mediterranean food. The hotel also provides a variety of boat cruises and water sports activities. The cost per night begins at about $270.

Budget Friendly Hotels:

In Kas, Turkey, we've produced a list of the top cheap hotels. The excellent pricing and quality of these hotels will allow you to get the most out of your trip without going over budget.

The Erdem City Hotel

It is a well-liked option for those seeking inexpensive lodging in Kas. The hotel's central location makes it simple to explore the town and its numerous attractions. The motel offers cozy accommodations, each with a TV, a private bathroom, and air conditioning. The hotel's restaurant serves a delectable Turkish breakfast each morning. The Erdem City Hotel is a wonderful option for tourists on a tight budget because it has a helpful staff and a great location. The nightly rate is $40.

8 Pension

Just a short stroll from the city center is the quaint and charming hotel known as The 8 Pension. For tourists who wish to get a taste of the local culture and way of life, our hotel is ideal. The accommodations are straightforward but cozy, and each has a private bathroom and air conditioning. Both the hotel's garden and bar are great places to unwind. The overnight rent begins at $40, and there is a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Mare Nostrum Apart

For those looking for inexpensive lodging in Kas, the Mare Nostrum Apart is a fantastic choice. It is simple to explore the town and its various attractions from this hotel, which is conveniently close to both the city center and the beach. Each of the rooms is large and comfortable, and it has a kitchenette, a private toilet, and air conditioning. The Mare Nostrum Apart, which has a nightly cost that starts at $30 and has a wonderful location, cozy rooms, and a welcoming staff, is a great option for travelers on a tight budget.

Best Neighborhoods in Kas, Turkey:

It is hardly surprising that Kas is a well-liked tourist destination given its beautiful beaches, historical sites, and exciting nightlife. The ideal area to stay in is crucial if you want to maximize your time in Kas. Some of the top areas to look at are listed below:

Old Town (Kas Antique City):

Old Town, also known as Kas Antique City, is a picturesque area in the center of Kas. It is renowned for its tiny, cobblestone alleyways, classic Turkish architecture, and breathtaking sea vistas. You can truly experience Kas's local culture and history if you stay in Old Town. The area is ideal for spending your nights because it is full of several little shops, cafes, and eateries.

Kalkan Road:

Due to its proximity to the beach as well as its abundance of stores and restaurants, Kalkan Road is one of the most well-liked places to stay in Kas. With so many bars and nightclubs nearby, this area is great for those seeking a livelier experience. Kalkan Road is the ideal location for travelers looking for a high-end experience because it is also home to some of Kas's most opulent hotels.


A peaceful, affluent area, Kapris is only a short stroll from the town's center. Many hotels and apartments in this area offer breathtaking views of the ocean, making it the perfect destination for people wanting a quiet and restful vacation. Kapris is the ideal location to sample some of Kas's best cuisine because it is also home to a large number of luxury stores and eateries.

Liman Neighborhood:

On the outskirts of Kas, there is a vibrant and diverse area called Liman Neighborhood. This region is an excellent option for vacationers on a tight budget because it is full of inexpensive hotels and apartments. Liman is renowned for its thriving street markets and food stalls, giving it the ideal location to experience the local way of life and cuisine.

When choose the area in Kas, Turkey to stay in, take into account your trip style, spending limit, and chosen activities. You can select the ideal neighborhood for your trip from the great options available to you.

Tourist Attractions:

While many visitors visit the well-known beaches and busy bazaars, there are also a variety of off-the-beaten-path adventures available for those wishing to learn more about this enthralling location. In this post, we'll look at three of Kas, Turkey's top off-the-beaten-path activities.

Visit the Antiphellos Antique Theater:

A few kilometers outside of Kas, in the ancient city of Antiphellos, is a beautifully preserved theater from the Roman era that was utilized for gatherings and performances. The stage, seating area, and entrance are all visible today, and tourists may also take in breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Free entry is offered.

Explore The Kaputas Beach:

A remote crescent-shaped inlet that can only be reached by a winding staircase. The stunning backdrop of white beach and blue waves is complemented by a calm, serene ambiance that provides a welcome respite from Kas's busy people.The Kaputas Beach does not charge a fee for entrance.

Visit the Phellos Antique City:

This well-preserved settlement in the hills above Kas is another undiscovered treasure that provides a window into the area's fascinating history. Wandering through the city's crumbling alleys and structures, which include a sizable church, allows visitors to take in the spectacular views of the hills and sea. No entry fee is required.

These three off-the-beaten-path activities in Kas, Turkey provide a special chance to learn about the history and natural beauty of this wonderful area. These undiscovered treasures are definitely worth discovering during your trip to Kas, regardless of whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or just searching for an amazing experience.

FAQs about Kas, Turkey:

Q: What is the typical cost of a hotel room in Kas, Turkey?

A: Depending on whether it is high season or low season, different average hotel prices can be found in Kas, Turkey. You should anticipate paying between $50 and $80 per night for a standard hotel during high season, which is often the summer months. Low season brings about a sharp decline in costs, with many hotels providing rates between $20 and $35 per night. The cost may also increase based on the kind of hotel and its features. To obtain the greatest deal, it is always a good idea to explore the various hotels in the region and compare costs before making a reservation.

Q: What time of year is ideal for a hotel stay in Kas, Turkey?

A: Typically, the summer is the ideal season to travel to Kas, Turkey for a hotel stay (June, July, and August). The most comfortable temperatures and ideal beach weather can be found throughout these months. It's the ideal time of year to have a relaxed vacation because the city is well recognized for its breathtaking scenery and adjacent beaches. As there are many festivals and events held during these months, April and May are also fantastic dates to come if you want to explore Kas' distinctive culture. No matter when you go, Kas is sure to leave you with lifelong memories!

Q: What services are frequently provided by Kas, Turkey hotels?

A: You may be wondering what amenities to look forward to if you're considering a trip to Kas, Turkey. A lot of the hotels in Kas provide a number of extras like free Wi-Fi, a free breakfast, and round-the-clock room service. There may also be on-site dining options, swimming pools, exercise centers, concierge services, and spas, depending on the hotel. You won't need to worry about packing extra clothing because a majority of the hotels feature washing facilities. You may easily bring your car since many of the hotels in Kas offer free parking. You can find a hotel that suits your needs with the variety of amenities provided.

Q: Which hotels in Kas, Turkey are the most well-liked ones?

A: Kas, Turkey is a well-liked vacation spot with a selection of hotels to satisfy all kinds of visitors. The Lukka Exclusive Hotel, Peninsula Gardens Hotel Beach, The Doria, and La Kumsal Hotel are some of Kas's most well-liked lodging options. Each of these hotels provides opulent lodging, first-rate services, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. These accommodations will make your time in Kas unique, whether you choose to stay close to the outdoors, on a beach, or close to the action.


Kas, Turkey provides a variety of lodging choices to suit various vacation preferences, budgets, and styles. There is a hotel for every budget in this quaint seaside town, including affordable choices like Erdem City Hotel and 8 Pension, as well as upscale 5-star establishments like The Doria, Peninsula Gardens Hotel Beach, and Lukka Exclusive Hotel (Adult Only). As well as moderately priced hotels such as Payam Hotel, Hideaway Hotel and Luvi Kas Otel.

Kas is the ideal location for a quiet vacation, an adventurous vacation, or a cultural experience. It is known for its turquoise waters, picturesque mountains, ancient landmarks, traditional bazaars, local food, and bustling nightlife. Kas is the ideal destination whether you're seeking for a peaceful escape, a romantic trip, or a family vacation.