Best Hotels in Portofino Italy (2023 Guide)

Best Hotels in Portofino Italy (2023 Guide)

On the Italian Riviera, Portofino is a wonderful fishing community famed for its lovely port, charming little alleys, and cheery pastel-colored structures. For those looking for an opulent vacation and a taste of Italian beach life, it's a well-liked resort. Portofino is the ideal destination for anyone looking to splurge on a little luxury because of its breathtaking surroundings and top-notch hotels.

There are accommodations in Portofino to suit every taste and budget. Here are a few of the greatest places to stay in Portofino, Italy, including the best hotels in the city, and the best places to stay overall.

L'Approdo Hotel

In Portofino, Italy, L'Approdo is a well-regarded hotel with reasonable rates. It is situated in the nearby town of Rapallo and provides visitors with spectacular sea views and a welcoming environment. Visitors can savor delectable Italian cuisine and the breathtaking view at the on-site restaurant and on the spacious terrace. Prices for a night start at about €60.

Three well regarded hotels are available for visitors seeking a less cost option:

B&B Tre Mari Portofino, L'Eremo Rifugio Escursionistico, and Hotel Argentina Portofino.

B&B Tre Mari Portofino

Located in the middle of nature,  offers serenity, tranquility, and breathtaking views to its visitors.

L'Eremo Rifugio Escursionistico

This hotel offers a distinctive experience for nature enthusiasts in the Portofino area.

Hotel Argentina Portofino

In Santa Margherita Ligure, a little town near Portofino, there is a wonderful hotel called Hotel Argentina Portofino. Prices for a night start at about €100.

Eight Hotel Portofino

A stylish, minimalist hotel with spectacular views and a tranquil atmosphere.

Albergo Nazionale

A historic hotel offering visitors a taste of old-world luxury in a lovely setting. Prices per night start at about €300.


It is simple to get to any place of interest from anywhere in the little village of Portofino because of its strategic location. Even yet, there are still a number of Portofino neighborhoods that provide unique experiences and different levels of proximity to various services and attractions. The following areas make for the ideal lodging choices when visiting Portofino, Italy:


This is where the town square and the magnificent port are located. It is the center of Portofino. If you stay here, you'll be close to all the stores, eateries, and cafes and in the middle of the excitement.

Castello Brown:

This area, which is perched atop a hill overlooking the harbor, provides breath-taking views of the surrounding sea and countryside. You may escape the bustle of the town center while staying here and enjoy a quieter, more serene experience.

San Giorgio:

A short stroll from the town center, this area is renowned for its lovely old-world charm and its meandering, small lanes. It's a fantastic option for people who wish to see Portofino in a more genuine way.

It's only a short drive from Portofino to this area, which is renowned for its beautiful beaches and pristine waters. It's a fantastic option for people who want to relax on the beach and soak up some sun.

Regardless of the area you choose to stay in, Portofino will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on you. Choosing a neighborhood that best meets your requirements and tastes is crucial.

To sum up, Portofino is an incredibly unique location that gives visitors a chance to enjoy the best of Italian coastal culture. It's the ideal location for anyone looking for an opulent retreat with its scenic port, attractive little alleyways, and vivid pastel-colored houses. There are many options for everyone when it comes to hotels in Portofino, regardless of whether you are on a tight budget or seeking a completely opulent experience.

A few of the many highly regarded choices are L'Approdo, B&B Tre Mari Portofino, L'Eremo Rifugio Escursionistico, Hotel Argentina Portofino, Eight Hotel Portofino, and Albergo Nazionale. It is crucial to pick the hotel that best meets your interests and requirements because each of these accommodations offers a distinctive experience.

Portofino has a wide range of communities to pick from when it comes to experiences. There is something for everyone, whether you want to be in the center of the excitement or are seeking a more tranquil haven. The best areas to stay in when visiting Portofino, Italy are Piazzetta, Castello Brown, San Giorgio, and Paraggi.

In the end, wherever you decide to stay, you will undoubtedly enjoy a special time in Portofino. This Italian fishing community is certainly a gem worth visiting with its breath-taking beauty, world-class hotels, and vibrant coastal culture.