Best Hotels in Verona, Italy (2023)

Best Hotels in Verona, Italy (2023)

The Veneto region of northern Italy is home to the picturesque and historically significant city of Verona. The city is famed for both its gorgeous architecture, which ranges from medieval structures to opulent palaces, and its extensive history, which dates back to the Roman Empire. It is well-known for its connection to Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" and the lovely and enchanting cityscape it depicts. For those looking for a quiet vacation, a cultural experience, or a romantic retreat, Verona is the ideal location.

To assist you in selecting the ideal accommodation for your vacation in Verona, we will highlight some of the best options you can choose from.

Budget-Friendly Hotels:

Some of the top hotels in Verona, Italy that are extremely affordable.

Corte San Mattia Agriturismo

It is situated in the countryside, not far from Verona. The accommodations are straightforward but cozy, and visitors may take advantage of the lovely gardens, outdoor pool, and delectable breakfast each morning. Prices for a night start at about €50.

B&B Valverde

This reasonably priced hotel is situated in the heart of Verona and offers straightforward yet cozy rooms with individual bathrooms. Each morning, visitors can savor a superb breakfast served by the welcome and courteous staff. Prices for a night start at about €60.

Residenza Elisabetta

In the centre of Verona, Residenza Elisabetta offers modest, spotless rooms with private toilets. It is an affordable inn. Each morning, visitors can savour a superb breakfast served by the welcoming and accommodating staff. Prices per night start at about €70.

Mid-Ranged Pricing Hotels:

Let's look at three moderately priced hotels in Verona that which are well-loved by visitors.

Opera Relais de Charme

In the centre of Verona's old district sits the beautiful hotel known as Opera Relais de Charme. This hotel features tastefully decorated rooms, a garden, and a terrace where guests can unwind and take in the city views. Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and air conditioning are available amenities. Around €130 is the starting price per night.

Tenuta Delo Relais

Outside of Verona, in the countryside, is a tranquil haven, Tenuta Delo Relais. This hotel has a garden, a pool, and roomy accommodations. The hotel also provides free parking, making it a fantastic choice for those who are driving. The starting rate for a single night is about €100.

Hotel Bologna

In the midst of Verona's historical district sits the lovely hotel known as Hotel Bologna. This hotel features a breakfast buffet each morning, a terrace, and a garden. With air conditioning and a flat-screen TV, the rooms are roomy and well-appointed. The starting rate for a night is about €90.

Luxurious Lodging:

Verona offers a wide selection of excellent luxury hotels for those seeking a genuinely opulent experience.

Escalus Luxury Suites Verona

The ancient district of Verona is home to the opulent Escalus Luxury Suites Verona. This hotel offers roomy suites with opulent features including a Jacuzzi tub and a private terrace. The hotel also has a rooftop terrace with sweeping city views. The starting rate for a night is about €200.

Lords of Verona

In the midst of Verona's old district sits the hotel, Lords of Verona. This hotel offers chic accommodations with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. The hotel also provides a breakfast buffet each morning, a terrace, and a garden. The starting rate for a night is about €220.

Due Torri Hotel

The lavish Due Torri Hotel is located in the heart of Verona's historic area. This hotel offers rooms that are substantially sized, well-furnished, air-conditioned, and equipped with a flat-screen TV. The hotel also has a garden, a terrace, and a breakfast buffet each morning. A single night's stay typically costs around €250.


There are a number of areas in Verona, Italy, that provide the ideal balance of accessibility, attractiveness, and convenience. The following list of the top five neighborhoods in Verona includes:

Centro Storico:

If you want to be close to all the city's top attractions, stay in Verona's historic centre, which is the ideal location. Many of Verona's well-known structures, like the Roman Arena and Juliet's Balcony, can be found in the Centro Storico, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Numerous of the best cafés and eateries in the city are located in this area.

San Zeno:

The historic centre of Verona is only a short stroll away from this peaceful and attractive area. San Zeno is renowned for its gorgeous streets, stunning structures, and serene ambiance. This is a fantastic choice for tourists who want to get away from the bustle of the city centre without being too far from the fun.

Borgo Trento:

A short distance from Verona's old district is a residential area called Borgo Trento. Borgo Trento is renowned for its peaceful neighborhoods, lovely parks, and roomy flats. For visitors who wish to see Verona for what it truly is and experience local life, this area is a fantastic choice.

Porta Nuova:

A contemporary community called Porta Nuova is situated outside of Verona's medieval district. Porta Nuova is renowned for its upscale stores, eateries, and lodgings. This is a fantastic choice for tourists who want an opulent stay in Verona and are prepared to be a little outside the city centre.

Castel San Pietro:

This area, just outside Verona's city centre, is situated on a hill and provides breathtaking views of both the city and the surrounding countryside. Castel San Pietro is renowned for its lovely, winding alleyways, old structures, and serene ambiance. Travelers who desire a peaceful getaway from the city while remaining close to the action can consider this area.

You will always be close to the city's numerous sights and attractions wherever you choose to stay in Verona. Verona has something to offer everyone, whether you're seeking a more traditional experience or a more contemporary one.


Verona, Italy is a stunning and ancient city that presents a distinctive fusion of culture, romance, and luxury. Verona is the ideal location for people looking for a romantic break, a cultural adventure, or a relaxing vacation because of its rich history stretching back to the Roman Empire and its gorgeous architecture.

Verona offers a range of lodging choices, including inexpensive lodging, moderately priced lodging, and opulent lodging. The city also has a number of charming, convenient, and accessible neighborhoods. Verona offers something for everyone, whether you're seeking a tranquil retreat in the countryside, an opulent stay in the city center, or a combination of both.

Therefore, if you're considering traveling to Italy, be sure to include Verona on your list of must-see cities.