Best Hotels in Innsbruck Austria

Best Hotels in Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck is a lovely city in the center of the Austrian Alps. The city has beautiful architecture, a fascinating past, and spectacular scenery. Many hotels are available in Innsbruck due to the city's growing popularity among travelers from around the globe.

Budget-Friendly Hotels

Some well-regarded, budget-friendly hotels in Innsbruck provide excellent accommodation at a reasonable cost for those on a tight budget.

Hostel Marmota

One of the best budget hotels in Innsbruck is Hostel Marmota. The hostel is close to the central train station and situated in the city's center. Many of the city's prominent attractions are nearby, making the location ideal for exploring. Both private rooms with en-suite toilets and dormitory-style rooms are available at the hostel. The staff is welcoming and helpful, and the accommodations are tidy and cozy. With a small kitchen where visitors may prepare their meals, the hostel also features a standard room where guests can unwind and mingle. One of the least expensive hotels in Innsbruck, a dormitory-style room costs about €20 per night.

Pension Stoi

For visitors to Innsbruck on a budget, Pension Stoi is another fantastic choice. The pension is close to the city's heart and is situated in a peaceful residential neighborhood. In addition to welcoming rooms with private toilets, the pension also has a small restaurant where visitors can eat breakfast and other meals. The pension offers a friendly environment that makes it feel like a home away from home, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. It is a terrific value for tourists on a tight budget because a double room with breakfast is only about €60 per night.

Art Sport Hotel

The Art Sport Hotel is an exciting and reasonably priced option for tourists seeking something unusual. A short distance from Innsbruck, in the neighboring village of Natters, is where you'll find the hotel. Each room in the hotel has a different sport as its theme, and the decor is based on a sports motif. The staff is welcoming and helpful, and the accommodations are tidy and cozy. Together with a restaurant serving delectable Austrian cuisine, the hotel also features a small gym, a sauna, and other amenities. A twin room costs about €70 per night, a fantastic value for tourists looking for a distinctive and reasonably priced hotel outside the city.

Moderately Priced Hotels:

The three hotels listed below offer a great balance of affordability and comfort, and are all highly rated by past guests.

Mondschein Hotel

In the center of Innsbruck's Old Town, the lovely Hotel Mondschein is a family-run establishment. The hotel's prime location is an ideal starting point for experiencing the city's attractions. The renowned Golden Roof, the Hofburg Imperial Palace, and the city's numerous stores, bars, and restaurants are all within easy walking distance. The hotel's 31 rooms are tastefully furnished and equipped with contemporary conveniences, including free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, and minibars. In addition, several of the accommodations enjoy breathtaking mountain views. The hotel's rooftop patio is a highlight, offering visitors breathtaking views of the city and the nearby mountains. The hotel also features a pleasant bar, an open fireplace, and a restaurant serving traditional Tyrolean cuisine. Rates for a night start at about €120.

Best Western Plus Hotel Goldener Adler

One of Innsbruck's oldest hotels, Best Western Plus Hotel Goldener Adler, has a 14th-century history. Innsbruck's central shopping district and the well-known Golden Roof are both conveniently close to the hotel, which is situated in the center of the Old Town. The hotel's 39 rooms are tastefully decorated and have contemporary conveniences, including free WiFi and flat-screen TVs. The hotel's old wine cellar, where visitors can taste some of the best wines from the area, is one of its unique features. The hotel also features a pleasant bar, an open fireplace, and a restaurant serving traditional Austrian cuisine. The nightly rate starts at about 140 euros.

Hotel Innsbruck

Only a short stroll from Innsbruck's Old Town is the contemporary, four-star Hotel Innsbruck. The 116 contemporary, large rooms feature flat-screen TVs, minibars, and complimentary WiFi. In addition, the hotel also features a spa and wellness area with a workout center, sauna, and steam room. The hotel's rooftop terrace may have beautiful views of the city and the surrounding mountains. The hotel also has a bar and lounge area and a restaurant featuring a combination of Austrian and foreign cuisine. Rates for a night start at about €160.

Luxury Lodgings

Many excellent options are available if you're planning a vacation to Innsbruck.

Adlers Hotel

Adlers Hotel is a premier luxury hotel in the area. Visitors may enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the city and the nearby mountains from this contemporary hotel. Adlers Hotel is the ideal accommodation for visitors who want to experience the city's rich history and culture because it is only a short stroll from the old city center.

The hotel has a variety of services, such as a rooftop bar, fitness center, and sauna. The hotel's onsite restaurant offers mouthwatering meals with a contemporary twist on classic Austrian fare. The rooms are roomy and tastefully decorated, providing contemporary conveniences like flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and complimentary WiFi. Adlers Hotel is a fantastic option for individuals seeking luxury at an affordable price because prices for a standard room start at about €150 per night.

Innsbruck Austria Neighborhoods:

Innsbruck is a small city; most of its neighborhoods are accessible by foot from the old town. Visitors might consider the areas surrounding the old town since they provide convenient access to Innsbruck's numerous landmarks, eateries, and retail establishments. When visiting Innsbruck, Austria, the following areas are the best to stay in:

Old Town:

The old town is Innsbruck's historical core and home to many of the city's top attractions. Many quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants line the old town's winding, narrow alleyways. The area is highly safe and welcoming to pedestrians.


Just south of the old town lies a thriving area called Wilten. The Hofburg Imperial Palace, the Tyrolean State Museum, and the Innsbruck Cathedral are just a few of the cultural landmarks that call it home. The area attracts travelers because of its lively ambiance and abundance of cafes and eateries.


Igls is a charming village just south of Innsbruck. The magnificent Tyrolean mountains encircle it, providing a tranquil haven away from the city. The community features many top-notch hotels and restaurants and is well-liked by hikers and skiers.

Tourism Attractions:

Innsbruck is a well-known tourist destination with many attractions. Anyone may find something to do in the city, from historical sites to outdoor pursuits. Three of the top off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions in Innsbruck, Austria, are listed below:

Ambras Castle

Ambras Castle is a beautiful Renaissance palace built in the 16th century and lies outside Innsbruck. A vast array of artwork and antiques, including armor, swords, and musical instruments, are kept in the castle. In addition, the castle features lovely grounds and a breathtaking perspective of the city. Adults must pay €10 to enter.

Bergisel Ski Jump

A modernist masterpiece and one of Innsbruck's most recognizable structures is the Bergisel Ski Jump. The ski jump, which offers a stunning view of the city, was created by renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Guests can visit the building and discover the background of the ski jump. Adults must pay €9 to enter.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Just outside of Innsbruck is a unique attraction called Swarovski Crystal Worlds, which highlights the elegance and adaptability of crystal. The site has various display halls with different topics and aesthetics. Furthermore, open to visitors are the play tower and lovely gardens. Adults must pay €19 to enter.

Innsbruck Austria FAQ

What is the typical price per night in an Innsbruck hotel?

Depending on the hotel and the season, a night in an Innsbruck hotel might cost anything from $100 to $400. Generally, hotels like the Goldene Krone, Hotel Sailer and The Penz Hotel will charge you between €80 and €90 for a standard room. You can spend between €100 and €120 for a night at the Maximilian Hotel  if you're searching for something more opulent. Of course, depending on available discounts or promotions, prices may be more or lower during particular peak hours.

Which hotel is closest to Innsbruck Airport?

The Goldene Krone Hotel is the accommodation most convenient to Innsbruck Airport. The hotel, just 0.6 miles from the airport, has been run by the same family since 1828. The hotel is conveniently situated in the center of Innsbruck and is close to the old town. It offers cozy lodging. Moreover, the renowned Golden Roof and the Hofburg Imperial Palace are nearby. The Maximilian Hotel, roughly two miles from the airport, offers a more contemporary choice. This stylish hotel is well-known for its rooftop terrace and modern style. The Penz Hotel provides excellent lodging within a 30-minute drive of the airport if you're searching for a more affordable choice.

Are there accommodations with restaurants onsite in Innsbruck?

Sure, there are several hotels with restaurants onsite in Innsbruck, Austria. There are onsite eating options at The Goldene Krone, The Maximilian Hotel, Hotel Sailer, The Penz Hotel, and . While the Hotel Sailer offers visitors a choice of two eateries, the Goldene Krone has a restaurant and bar. A breakfast buffet and a hotel bar are available at the Penz Hotel. The Leipziger Hof also features a snack bar and an à la carte restaurant. You may find a hotel in Innsbruck with an onsite restaurant that meets your needs with all of these possibilities.

Are any hotels in Innsbruck with spas or wellness facilities?

Several hotels with spas and wellness centers are available in Innsbruck. Spa and wellness centers offering a variety of treatments and services are available at The Goldene Krone, Hotel Sailer,  and The Penz Hotel. There are spa and wellness facilities at the Leipziger Hof. These facilities provide a variety of massage, beauty, and relaxation treatments.

What are Innsbruck, Austria's top hotels?

Several of the world's most wealthy and prominent hotels may be found in Innsbruck, Austria. Several beautiful and plentiful lodging options range from the stately Goldene Krone to the contemporary Maximilian. The Penz Hotel is the ideal choice for people looking for a more affordable stay. It provides beautiful views of the city and is conveniently placed downtown Innsbruck. It has a first-rate design, contemporary amenities, and an excellent position close to the city's famous landmarks.

The Leipziger Hof is the ideal lodging choice for a more traditional experience. It boasts contemporary conveniences along with old-world grandeur and charm. The historic Hotel Central, situated in the center of Innsbruck and provides easy access to the city's main attractions, is another outstanding choice. The Hotel Schwarzer Adler is the ideal option for a more private encounter. After seeing Innsbruck, this charming and inviting hotel is the ideal spot to unwind.


Beautiful Innsbruck, Austria, is located in the middle of the Austrian Mountains and provides various lodging options for all price ranges. Hostel Marmota, Pension Stoi, and the Art Sport Hotel are highly recommended for travelers on a tight budget. Hotel Mondschein, Best Western Plus Hotel Goldener Adler, and Hotel Innsbruck are reasonably priced accommodations that provide excellent rooms, classic Austrian food, and breathtaking views. The Adlers Hotel is the ideal option for individuals looking for luxurious lodging because it has spectacular panoramic views, a fitness facility, and an onsite restaurant serving contemporary Austrian cuisine. Innsbruck areas surrounding the old town are excellent for tourists as they provide quick access to the city's numerous landmarks, stores, bars, and eateries. Innsbruck is a must-see location for anybody visiting Austria because it provides something for everyone, regardless of their travel budget, and because of its rich history, magnificent architecture, and spectacular scenery.