Best Hotels in Milos, Greece (2023)

Best Hotels in Milos, Greece (2023)

Milos is a charming Greek island in the Cyclades archipelago that is well-known for its magnificent beaches, clean waters, and distinctive topography. Many secret coves and bays, as well as picturesque fishing towns and villages, may be found on this lovely island. Milos is the ideal vacation spot for people seeking to get away from the rush and bustle of daily life and enjoy a tranquil, relaxing getaway because of its untouched natural beauty and laid-back ambiance.

There are many options available if you're planning a vacation to Milos and looking for the best places to stay. The island has lodging options for every price, from luxury resorts to modest hotels. The top hotels in Milos, Greece, are listed below in order of price range:

Hotels with Moderate Rates:

A list of the best Mid-Range hotels to stay at when visiting Milos, Greece

Capetan Giorgantas

One of the most scenic and lively villages on the island, Adamas, is home to the quaint hotel known as Capetan Giorgantas. Each of the hotel's 24 rooms is furnished with white walls and blue accents in the manner of the classic Cycladic architecture. The town's stores, eateries, and cafes are all conveniently close to the hotel due to its strategic location. The hotel also boasts a nice rooftop patio from where you can take in breathtaking panoramas of the neighbourhood. Starting at $70 per night, the cost is.

White Rock Milos Suites

In Adamas, there is a boutique hotel called White Rock Milos Suites. Six chic and contemporary suites are available at this hotel, each with a private balcony or terrace and spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. The hotel is in a prime location for people who want to be near to the excitement because the town's port and beach are only a short stroll away. A bar, a pool, and free Wi-Fi are available at the hotel. Prices start at $156 per night.

Luxury Lodging:

The top all-inclusive luxury hotels Milos, Greece has to offer are those listed under luxury accommodations.

Villa Windmill

Villa Windmill is a luxurious hotel with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea that is situated in Zefiria, Milos. There are several chic guestrooms and suites available at the hotel, each having air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, minibars, and private bathrooms. Some of the accommodations feature sea views from their terraces or balconies. The hotel also offers a garden, a terrace, and an outdoor pool. Each morning, there is a breakfast buffet available for guests, and there is a bar and a restaurant serving Greek and Mediterranean food.

Mallis Studios

Mallis Studios is a boutique hotel that offers opulent and pleasant lodging. It is located in Adamas, Milos. In addition to air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, minibars, and private balconies or patios with sea views, the hotel has 15 exquisite rooms and suites. In addition, the hotel offers a garden, a sun patio, and a pool. Every morning, guests may have a continental breakfast, and there is a bar where they can get drinks and cocktails.

Capetan Giorgantas

Capetan Giorgantas is a luxury hotel housed in a stunning 19th-century mansion and is situated in Adamas, Milos. There are 11 exquisite guestrooms and suites in the hotel, each having air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, minibars, and private terraces or balconies with views of the ocean. The hotel also includes a garden and a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of the port and the bay. Each morning, a breakfast buffet is available to guests, and there is a bar that serves drinks and cocktails. Additionally, the hotel provides spa services like body treatments, facials, and massages.

Budget-Friendly Hotels:

On this island, there are many possibilities for lodging, whether you're looking for opulent or affordable lodging. Here are three well-liked low-cost accommodations in Milos, Greece:

The Milos Apartment

The Milos Apartment is an inexpensive motel with clean, comfortable lodging that is situated in Adamas. There is a TV, air conditioning, and a private bathroom in every room. There is a garden at the hotel where visitors may unwind, as well as a patio with expansive sea views. The town centre, where visitors may find dining options, cafes, and stores, and Adamas Beach are both accessible by foot from the hotel.
The starting price for a night is about $50.

Meltemi Hotel

The Hotel Meltemi is a low-cost hotel with cosy, well-appointed rooms that is situated in the centre of Adamas. Each room has its own bathroom, TV, refrigerator, and air conditioning. The hotel offers a garden and terrace for guests to unwind in, and each morning a breakfast buffet is provided. The town centre and the beach are both a short stroll from the hotel.
Prices start at about $60 per night.

Anna Zisimos

Budget-friendly lodging can be found at Anna Zisimos Rooms in Adamas. The motel provides guests with tidy, cosy lodging that includes air conditioning, a TV, and a private bathroom. Each morning, a breakfast buffet is provided and guests are welcome to use the community kitchen. The town centre and Adamas Beach are both accessible by foot from the hotel, which also features a garden where guests can unwind.
Prices start at about $60 per night.

Milos' Neighborhoods:

There are several possibilities for inexpensive lodging in Milos, Greece, without sacrificing comfort or flair. These three hotels have received outstanding reviews and provide great value for the money, making them excellent choices for those looking for inexpensive lodging on this lovely island. Part of the Cyclades group of islands, Milos is a stunning island in the Aegean Sea. It is a well-liked vacation spot recognised for its gorgeous beaches, clear waters, and scenic scenery. Making a hotel reservation is a crucial choice to make while organising a trip to Milos. On the island, there are many different neighbourhoods, each with a special attraction and charm.


Adamas: Milos' principal port and economic hub is Adamas. It is a thriving town with a bustling waterfront, a wide selection of stores, eateries, and pubs, as well as convenient access to transit. Both those who want to be near the action and those who want to explore the island should make this choice. Adamas offers a wide variety of lodging alternatives, from inexpensive to opulent.


Pollonia: Situated on Milos' northeastern shore, Pollonia is a charming fishing community. It is a more tranquil and laid-back option than Adamas, with a lovely waterfront and a number of beaches close by. For those seeking a more tranquil and genuine experience of Milos, Pollonia is a fantastic option. Pollonia offers a variety of lodging choices, including hotels, flats, and villas.


The cultural and historical hub of Milos is Plaka. A picturesque and traditional village with a sea view can be found there. With its winding alleyways, whitewashed homes, and panoramic views, Plaka offers a distinctive character. It is a fantastic option for people who want to discover Milos' true nature and cultural history. Plaka offers a variety of lodging choices, from historic guesthouses to cutting-edge hotels.


Klima is a tiny fishing community on Milos' northern shore. It is renowned for its brightly painted boat garages, which are carved out of the cliffside and are utilised by neighbourhood fisherman. For those seeking to get away from the throng and experience a tranquil, genuine ambiance, Klima is a serene and remote location that is perfect. In Klima, there are a few places to stay, including old-fashioned fishing huts.

Tourist Attractions:

Milos is a stunning and unique island in the Cyclades in Greece that provides visitors with a range of attractions and activities to enjoy. The island has a lot of well-known tourist attractions, but there are also a lot of off-the-beaten-path activities that can be just as interesting and gratifying. Here are three of the top off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions you should explore while in Milos.

Catacombs of Milos:

Visit the Catacombs of Milos: These historic underground burial grounds, which are close to Tripiti, date from the first to the fifth century AD. The numerous niches and graves cut into the granite walls can be seen while visitors explore the meandering tunnels. Daily public access to the catacombs is available for a fee of 4 euros.

Kleftiko Caves:

Hike to the Kleftiko Caves: Only accessible by boat or on foot, the Kleftiko Caves are one of the island's most stunning and remote locations. Hikers will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the cliffs and sea on their journey to the caverns. You can swim and explore the unusual rock formations once you arrive at the caves. Take plenty of water and wear sturdy shoes because the hike is strenuous and takes around 2-3 hours each way.

Cooking Classes:

Take a Cooking Class: Milos is known for its delectable and distinctive food, so learning more about it by attending a cooking class is a terrific idea. One of the top cooking schools on the island is provided by the Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa in the community of Adamas. A trip to the neighbourhood market to choose fresh goods is part of the session, which is taught by a local chef. Several traditional recipes will be taught to the participants, who can then eat them for lunch. Each student must pay 60 euros for the course.

Cyclades Archipelago:

The Cyclades archipelago's Milos, a gorgeous island in Greece, is well-known for its breathtaking beaches, clear waters, and distinctive sceneries. Many undiscovered coves and bays, as well as tiny fishing settlements, can be found on this island. On this island, there are many possibilities for lodging, whether you're looking for opulent or affordable lodging. Milos is the ideal location for people wishing to get away from the rush and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a tranquil, relaxing vacation because it has something to offer everyone, from its opulent resorts to its reasonably priced accommodations.

Milos, Greece FAQs:

Are there any luxury hotels in Milos, Greece?

Yes, there are a number of luxury hotels in Milos, Greece. Located on the island of Milos in the Aegean Sea, these resorts offer some of the most picturesque views in the world with stunning beaches and turquoise waters. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive stay or a more private experience, you’ll find a variety of luxurious options all around the island. The Klima Beach Resort, Kouros Luxury Hotel, and Elia Beach Resort are just a few of the popular choices for those seeking a more luxurious experience in Milos.

Where is the best place to stay in Milos, Greece?

The best place to stay in Milos, Greece is in the small port town of Adamas. Adamas is the main port and largest town on the island, and it has a wide variety of accommodations to suit all budgets. From luxury hotels and villas to budget-friendly apartments and hostels, Adamas has something for everyone. Many of the accommodations are located close to the beach, offering incredible views of the Aegean Sea or the mountains. Additionally, Adamas has plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes, making it the perfect place to stay for a memorable holiday in Milos.

What are the best hotels in Milos, Greece?

You won't be let down if you're seeking for the top hotels in Milos, Greece. Some of the most opulent and stunning lodgings in the nation can be found on Milos. There are accommodations to suit every traveler's taste and budget, ranging from luxurious five-star resorts to quaint family-run inns. There are several options, ranging from the storied and renowned Milos Palace Hotel to the elegant and charming Anemomilos Suites. There are also many conventional guesthouses available if you prefer a more homey, away-from-home atmosphere, including the Kavo Nero and the Villa Sirena. No matter where you decide to stay, Milos' breathtaking scenery and friendly atmosphere are likely to be enjoyable.


There are many different neighbourhoods to select from in Milos, each with its own special appeal. Milos's main port and business district, Adamas, is a thriving city with a bustling waterfront, a wide selection of stores, eateries, and pubs, and convenient access to transit. From the serene and charming village of Zefiria to the breathtaking beaches of Paleochori and Provatas, each of the island's smaller communities offers its own distinctive experiences.

Regardless of where you decide to stay, Milos guarantees a wonderful vacation. For example relaxing in a luxury hotel such as Capetan Giorgantas or a low-cost getaway e.g The Milos Apartment. With more than 75 beaches to select from, Milos is a well-liked vacation spot for travellers looking for a laid-back beach getaway with lots of exciting activities. Milos has something to offer everyone, whether you want to hike across the island's distinctive landscapes, discover the secret coves and bays, or just relax and take in the tranquil ambiance.

With its pristine natural beauty and relaxed attitude, Milos is a well-liked tourist destination for good reason. It's the ideal location to relax and rejuvenate. On this lovely island, you will no doubt discover the ideal lodging, whether you're looking for opulent or reasonably priced lodging. So why not book your upcoming trip to Milos in Greece and explore everything this breathtaking island has to offer?