Best Hotels in Mykonos, Greece (2023)

Best Hotels in Mykonos, Greece (2023)

Greece's Mykonos, one of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea, is a well-liked vacation spot that is well-known for its thriving nightlife, sandy beaches, and whitewashed structures with blue-domed roofs. The island draws a variety of tourists, from those wanting a wild party atmosphere to those seeking luxury and tranquilly. The island is also home to a range of lodging choices, including pricey hotels and opulent resorts.

Greece's Mykonos has a wide variety of hotels. There is a choice for every budget and preference, whether you want a lavish stay or a cost-effective one. The top hotels in Mykonos, Greece, will be highlighted in this article.

Hotels with Moderate Rates:

A list of the best Mid-Range hotels to stay at when visiting Mykonos,Greece.

Eleni's Village Suites

Eleni's Village Suites is a well-liked option for guests looking for a reasonably priced hotel that doesn't skimp on quality. It is situated about 2.5 kilometres from Mykonos centre. The hotel offers a pool, a bar by the pool, and free breakfast. With a separate balcony or patio, the rooms are roomy and cosy. For those seeking a quiet and restful vacation, the hotel's amiable personnel and serene setting make it a great choice. Prices for a night start at about $90.

Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel

Located in the quiet neighbourhood of Ftelia on the island of Mykonos, the Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is a short stroll from the beach. The hotel has a pool, a bar by the pool, and a restaurant serving delectable Greek food. The rooms include an own balcony or terrace and are tastefully furnished. The hotel is a great option for people seeking a relaxing and comfortable stay because of its welcoming staff and tranquil setting. Prices for a night start at about $120.

Oniro Suites

A popular and reasonably priced hotel in Mykonos, Greece, is called Oniro Suites. The hotel is situated in the island's largest settlement, Mykonos Town, which is renowned for its quaint, winding alleyways, white-washed homes, and lively nightlife. The main sights of the town, such as Little Venice, the Windmills of Kato Mili, and the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, are all conveniently close to Oniro Suites. Prices for a night start at around $100.

Luxury Lodging:

The top all-inclusive luxury hotels Vietnam has to offer are those listed under luxury accommodations.

Senses Luxury Villas & Suites

The renowned Windmills of Mykonos are only a short stroll from the Senses Luxury Villas & Suites, a luxurious hotel in the heart of Mykonos town. The resort has a restaurant providing delectable Greek food, a spa, a fitness centre, and a swimming pool. With a hot tub, a separate balcony or patio, and ample space, the accommodations are opulent. The hotel is a great option for people seeking a high-end stay because to its exceptional service, breathtaking views, and opulent amenities. Prices for a night start at about $550.

Anemos Hotel Apartments

A short distance from the beach, in Ornos, is the upscale Anemos Hotel Apartments. The hotel has a spa, restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, and a pool. The apartments are roomy, elegantly furnished, and have a private balcony or terrace. The hotel is a great option for people seeking a high-end stay because to its exceptional service, breathtaking views, and opulent amenities. Prices for a night start at about $400.

Mykonos 5 Suites & Villas

The luxurious Mykonos 5 Suites & Villas is situated in Ornos, only steps from the shore. The hotel has a restaurant serving delectable Mediterranean cuisine, a spa, and a swimming pool. With a hot tub, a separate balcony or patio, and ample space, the accommodations are opulent. The hotel is a great option for people seeking a high-end stay because to its exceptional service, breathtaking views, and opulent amenities. Prices for a night start at about $500.

Budget-Friendly Hotels:

These three well regarded, reasonably priced Greek hotels offer excellent value for money and give visitors a comfortable, convenient place to stay.

Semeli Hotel

Located in the centre of Mykonos Town, Semeli Hotel provides comfortable, affordable lodging. The Windmills and Little Venice are close. There is air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom in both standard and deluxe suites. The hotel offers a Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, a spa, an outdoor pool, and a gym. Beautiful Cycladic architecture, a rooftop patio with breathtaking views of the town and the sea, and helpful staff are all features of Semeli Hotel. The first night's stay is $150.

Smy Mykonos Suites & Villas

The luxurious Smy Mykonos Suites & Villas is reasonably priced and is situated near Elia, one of Mykonos' most beautiful beaches. A peaceful atmosphere is created by the hotel's stunning surroundings, crystal-clear waters, and golden sand beaches. Private balconies or terraces, fully equipped kitchenettes, and contemporary bathrooms are features of suites and villas. The hotel features a sizable outdoor pool, a bar by the pool, and a Mediterranean restaurant serving regional cuisine. Smy Mykonos Suites & Villas stands out for its close proximity to one of the island's most beautiful beaches, stunning sea views, and friendly staff. Prices per night start at $120.

Harmony Boutique Hotel

In Mykonos Town, Harmony Boutique Hotel is a good, inexpensive hotel. Just a few steps away from the hotel are the town's main square and some of the best boutiques, bars, and eateries on the island. Air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, plush beds, and private bathrooms are features of elegantly constructed rooms. The hotel includes a rooftop patio where guests may enjoy refreshments and mouthwatering views of the city and the sea. Spa services at the hotel include massages and facials. The particular features of Harmony Boutique Hotel are its convenient location, serene rooftop terrace, and friendly staff. beginning at about $100 per night


There are a variety of neighbourhoods on Mykonos where guests can stay, each with their own special charm and allure. Three of the top neighbourhoods to stay in when visiting Mykonos are listed below:


The most well-liked area to stay in when visiting Mykonos is Mykonos Town, often known as Chora. This charming village, which is found on the west side of the island, is known for its unique whitewashed houses and its winding lanes filled with boutiques, eateries, and pubs. Visit the Windmills of Mykonos, wander along Little Venice, or explore the town's numerous lovely streets. It is simple to go throughout the rest of the island from Mykonos Town because it serves as a hub for public transportation.


Ornos is a well-liked neighbourhood for families and vacationers looking for a more sedate atmosphere. It is situated on the island's south coast. The region is well-known for its numerous eateries and cafes, as well as for its lovely sandy beach and blue waters. Beachgoers can unwind, go on a boat cruise to see the neighbouring coves, or engage in some water sports. Ornos is a wonderful starting point for visiting the remainder of the island because it is conveniently connected to Mykonos Town.

Ano Mera

Ano Mera is a great neighbourhood to stay in if you're looking for a more traditional experience. The historic Panagia Tourliani Monastery may be found in this tiny settlement in the island's centre. The village's lovely alleyways can be explored, as can the surrounding beaches of Elia and Kalo Livadi, as well as the local stores and cafes.

Tourist Attractions

If you want to be close to places to eat, shop, and have fun, stay in the city center of Mykonos, which is the focus of the city's hectic activity. It is convenient to explore the rest of the city from this neighborhood because it is close to the major transportation hubs.

In addition to the well-known tourist destinations, there are a tonne of off-the-path activities to explore in Mykonos. The top three are listed below:

Armenistis Lighthouse:

The Armenistis Lighthouse, which is situated on the island's northwest edge, provides breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby shoreline. For sweeping views, walk to the top of the lighthouse, or take a picnic to the adjacent cliffs.

Fokos Beach:

Fokos Beach is an isolated and calm location on the island's north coast that is ideal for visitors looking for a more sedate beach experience. There is only a small taverna and a few sun loungers on the beach, which is less developed than some of the island's more well-known locations.

Boni Windmill:

The Boni Windmill is a historically significant landmark that has been exquisitely restored. It is situated on the outskirts of Mykonos Town. Visitors can explore the windmill's interior, discover its history, and take in breathtaking views of Mykonos Town and the surrounding area. There is no charge to enter the windmill.

Mykonos, Greece FAQs:

What is the average price range for hotels in Mykonos?

Depending on the kind of lodging you want, the typical price range for hotels in Mykonos can change significantly. While more luxurious hotels can cost up to €150 per night, more modest lodgings may start at roughly €50.

Accommodations near the coast could be more expensive than those farther inland. You should anticipate spending between €80 and €120 per night for a mid-range hotel.

What are the amenities offered by the best hotels in Mykonos?

The hotels on Mykonos are no exception to the island's reputation as one of the world's most opulent vacation destinations. The top hotels in Mykonos provide a selection of extras that are intended to make your stay as relaxing and pleasurable as possible. Swimming pools, exclusive beach access, fitness facilities, opulent spas, room service, butler services, and on-site dining are just a few of these features. These upscale accommodations also occasionally offer free breakfast, daily housekeeping, and even child care. You can be sure to have an unforgettable vacation on the stunning island of Mykonos with all the conveniences provided.

Are there any boutique hotels in Mykonos?

Sure, Mykonos offers a variety of boutique hotels to pick from. The Belvedere Hotel, the Ikarus Hotel, and the Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort are a few of the more well-known choices. With stunning interior design, chic furniture, and opulent amenities, each of these hotels offers a singular experience that you won't find anywhere else. You may choose a boutique hotel in Mykonos that has everything you require, whether you're planning a romantic weekend, a family holiday, or a business trip.

Are there any all-inclusive resorts in Mykonos?

Sure, Mykonos has a number of all-inclusive hotels. The Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Myconian Imperial Resort, and Myconian Avaton Resort & Spa are a few of the most well-known. These resorts have opulent extras like spas, swimming pools, bars, and dining options. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are frequently included in all-inclusive packages, along with a variety of activities like kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling. A popular day trip from Mykonos, the neighbouring island of Delos also has a few all-inclusive resorts.


To conclude, Mykonos Island, Greece is a famous holiday spot due to its bustling nightlife, beautiful beaches, and white-washed buildings with blue-domed roofs. Luxury resorts, intermediate hotels, and cheap accommodations are available on the island. Mykonos offers both quiet and luxurious vacations.

Eleni's Village Suites, Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel, and Harmony Boutique Hotel are budget-friendly hotels featuring pools, bars, and spas. Smy Mykonos Suites & Villas tranquilly and proximity to Elia Beach, the island's most picturesque, make it stand out.

Senses Luxury Villas & Suites, Anemos Hotel Apartments, and Mykonos 5 Suites & Villas offer luxury stays. These luxurious hotels have hot tubs, workout centres, and fine-dining restaurants.

Mykonos Island is gorgeous and has something for everyone. Its unique architecture, stunning beaches, and vibrant culture make it a popular Greek tourist attraction.